All Good Dogs Go To Heaven

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If “all good dogs go to heaven” and all dogs are good; then heaven is overflowing with dogs…and cats…and a plethora of other animal companions. Good for us, I say. I, for one, look forward to being reunited with my animal companions.

Our beloved corgi; Buddynwolf Rowan Crowfeather, most affectionately known as Buddy, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Mother’s Day. We had shared (almost) 15 years together. His passing was unexpected. We were not ready. But then again, when is anyone ever ready to be left behind? Buddy fought the good fight and survived his bout with cancer last year, gracing and blessing us with an additional 14 months of pure joy, delight and unconditional love. Buddy truly lived every moment he was alive!

Buddy was a great teacher. I vow to uphold and share the lessons he has taught us, (and I do believe he will continue to teach us from a distance)… He taught us how to love without judgment and without conditions. One of his closet sidekicks and trusted confidantes was Toka, a cat. Buddy showed us how to find joy and happiness in every moment. He would delight in rolling in the snow and never ever became dismayed because it was raining. He loved to share his life and his possessions and never complained when his (new) canine companion Charlotte ‘stole’ his favorite treat… sure he grumbled for a moment, but he let go and moved on.

He taught us how to forgive and how to be happy, despite whatever obstacles we were faced with. Having short legs (he didn’t know he wasn’t a wolf) he would be confronted with challenges while ‘out and about’ on a trail, however, he simply chose another route, another way around things. And he taught us to find the answers deep within our hearts and souls. He chose love.

Those of you who have had to let go of a dearly beloved animal companion, are more than likely remembering your life with that great animal as you read my words. You feel my pain and grief in your heart and there is knowingness that we are not alone.

Animal companions have presented themselves during readings so I know heaven is full of our friends and I find comfort in that knowing.

Diane Marie Ford, CHHC, AADP, Nourishment Counselor & Spirit Medium is the founder of Whole Soul Nutrition™.

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