Setting Up An Aquarium Procedure For Kids

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Would you like to know what to do when setting up an aquarium? It is very simple if you follow the steps set out below.

Materials You Will Need

  • glass aquarium with a lid
  • gravel
  • aquarium filter
  • aquarium air pump
  • water plants (artificial or living)
  • aquarium light
  • fish
  • water snails
  • fish food
  • water
  • heater in winter
  • medium sized rocks and ornaments

Steps To Follow When Setting Up An Aquarium

  1. Wash your aquarium and aquarium gravel with fresh tap water. Do not use any detergent as this will kill your new fish.
  2. Spread the aquarium gravel over the floor of the aquarium.
  3. Place the filter medium in the filter and sit it in the back corner of your aquarium.
  4. Connect tubing to your aquarium pump and run it into the aquarium and into the filter pipe.
  5. Position the rocks and ornaments in your new fish tank. Place the bigger ones to the back of the fish tank.
  6. Plant plants into the gravel. Place plants in the back corners of the aquarium.
  7. Place an ice-cream container into the aquarium.
  8. Pour fresh tap water into the aquarium by pouring it into the ice-cream container. This stops splashing and mixing up the gravel when setting up an aquarium. Stop when the water level is one centimetre from the top.
  9. Place the glass lid on top.
  10. Sit the aquarium light on the lid
  11. Wipe away all spilt water, then turn on the power to the pump and light.
  12. Leave aquarium with the filter running for one week.
  13. It is a good idea to add a cupful of pond water to the aquarium as this will add helpful microscopic pond animals to the water.
  14. The fish will come in their own water. Sit them in their bag in the aquarium for 10 minutes before releasing them. Release them by mixing their water with the new aquarium water. This helps them adjust to the new water.

Your new fish will be frightened and will need time to get used to their new home. They won’t want to eat so don’t feed them for two days. You can introduce the water snails when you add fish. They will help keep the aquarium clean. Good luck with your new aquarium.

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