Hungry pet snake Reggie eats its own tail

Story and photo courtesy

This pet snake got itself into a twist after mistaking its own tail for dinner – and eating it.

Poor Reggie couldn’t let go and only a quick dash to the vet stopped the hungry reptile from digesting itself.

“Its backward-facing teeth were acting like a ratchet,” vet Bob Reynolds from West Sussex, England, told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

”The snake had also dislocated its jaw in its attempt to get its mouth around the tail and this isn’t easy to reverse.”

Mr Reynolds was able to gently untangle Reggie by prising its jaws open and sliding the teeth off the flesh.

”I have never seen a case like it, although I have head about it happening,’ the reptile expert added.

“There is a temptation for a snake-eater like this one to lunge at its own tail, especially if kept in a small enclosure. They can’t spread themselves out and think their tails are another snake.”

Luckily the tip of the 18-year-old snake’s tail hadn’t entered its stomach so it hadn’t come to any harm. All Reggie was left nursing was perhaps wounded pride.

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