Dog Kennels – Are They for Your Pet?

A domestic dog kennel allows for a nice warm, dry and secure outside shelter for your pet dog. You can use it in combination with a dog run and exercise yard. Your pet can revel in the clean air outside without being roped up or chained. It offers him a degree of freedom of movement but as well keeps him in a designated area. A dog kennel provide more additional space than typical pet cages, and your dog will be able to move around much more. There are a huge variety of dog kennels available nowadays, as well as dog kennel accessories.

Dog kennels can be manufactured out of a variety of materials today. You can select from strong durable material that can withstand the rigors and energy of of a large dog. For example, steel is far less likely to be damaged by your pet than say aluminum. While galvanized steel will protect the kennel from corroding away quickly in the outdoors. We recommend  that you search for a dog kennel that  with no sharp wires or protrusions that could easily injure your dog. You should also select a kennel that matches the size of your dog as well as its jumping ability and physical exercise level. A standard size would be about 10 feet by 10 feet, but sizing can vary from one manufacturer to another. You will also find modular dog kennels that can easily accommodate any dog size. Merely build and reconstruct the kennel as your pet grows. An additional choice would be to purchase partition panels so you can divide off parts or sections of the kennel. As yourpuppy grows, you can rearrange the panels to make further elbow room in the dog kennel.

Because the majority of dog kennels are situated out of doors, you’ll need to protect your dog from the extremes of weather elements. Thankfully, many dog kennels come with roofs, and if not you can buy heavy-duty covers that will serve the same purpose. To protect your dog from the heat of summer you can purchase dog kennel sunscreens and shade cloths that will keep your pet from the sweltering mid day sun. If the dog enclosure doesn’t have a roof, you might think about putting a doghouse within the dog kennel for element protection.

Kennel Accessories:

If you are planning to keep your outside in winter, you may wan to consider buying a heater for the kennel. In summer you can also equip the dog kennel with a fan. If the dog is well trained you can also build a doggie door into a gate. This way he can go in and out as he pleases. Of course, you still have the option to close or lock the security door when you want to keep your pet inside the kennel. We recommend that you select a doggie-door that is as least two inches wider and two inches taller than the dog. Remember that your dog will grow and  or put on weight over time, just like humans.

Another accessory available for your kennel is raised floor panels. Often made of plastic, these are designed to make your pet more comfortable to walk on and reduce the stress put on his/her legs. An added advantage is that they can also be easily cleansed and sanitized. Dog kennel flooring is  durable and weather resistant and can be a good investment that will help keep your pet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

If you move house,  your new dog kennel  can be easily disassembled and transported. Many can also be quickly dismantled and are thus ideal for traveling or holidaying.

In conclusion a dog kennel is a practical addition to for any dog lover.

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