Rabbit Noises – What They Mean

Rabbits are generally quiet animals, but they are not completely silent. They make plenty of noises from growling to screaming, to communicate how they feel. Here’s how to decipher them…


If your rabbit growls or grunts at you, she’s not happy about something. Maybe she’s angry that you’re poking your hand into her cage, and she doesn’t want you in her territory. Growling can be a sign of anger, fear, uncertainty and stress. The better you get to know your bunny, the more you’ll discover what her different growls mean.


Your bunny may cry. Sometimes a bunny will let out a little cry or whimper and thump their back feet. This is interpreted much as you would understand the same noise in puppies or people.


If your bunny licks your face or your hands, be happy. She’s telling you I love you!


You never want to hear your bunny scream. A bunny scream is usually shrill. It’s a heart-breaking sound, and it generally signifies your bunny is either hurt or dying. You’ll want to get her help immediately.


Your bunny is on top of the world. She is so happy, she can think of no better way to show her happiness than flopping over, eyes closed, taking some time to relax.


You’ve got one happy bunny on your hands. She’s gyrating, dancing, hopping high in the air and shooting across the room at lightening speed. She’s so happy she’s a bunny and living with you.


Your bunny will thump her back legs for a number of reasons including fear, anger and warning you to danger lurking.

The Bunny 500

It’s 6 a.m., and the Bunny 500 has taken off again. Your bunny or bunnies are in their room, when all of a sudden, zoom! They race around the room over and over again at top bunny speed, until they’re ready to just chill out, munch on some hay, chew the phone book or flop down for a much-needed nap.


Your bunny is rubbing her chin all over the furniture, the book you’re reading and you. This is just her way of marking her territory. She’s saying, hey, this is mine.

Advice: You may search Google for “rabbit noises”. This will give you many links to related articles.

Article and photo courtesy http://www.myhouserabbit.com.

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