Circus Ringbarkus: Australia’s funniest travelling dog show

It’s Australia’s Funniest Travelling Dog Show live under the little big top in a 90 minute extravaganza of mirth and mayhem. Circus Ringbarkus will have you in stitches as they clown and carry on in this crazy canine comedy circus.

This 5-person, 4-dog troupe combines elements of vaudeville, comedy, circus, magic and illusion, creating a hit show which has seen them emerge as one of the most popular family shows touring Australia today.

In great demand, Circus Ringbarkus have appeared on television’s Talk To The Animals, Sunrise and The Today Show, as well as featured in newspapers and magazines across the country. Paul and Ruth Stanton along with their three children, Julia, Michael and Steven, and their four dogs, Scruffy, Killer, Lulu and Sparkie are Circus Ringbarkus.

What started as a one-man show in Perth in the 1980’s, has grown to become a real family affair. As the family grew so did the show. Now the whole family gets in on the act. The children have learnt a swag of amazing skills from juggling, hoop spinning, and staff twirling to magic, acrobatics and contortion.

In January 1998 they took the show on the road, and haven’t looked back. Living on the road and travelling Australia entertaining the public everywhere they go. Circus Ringbarkus has performed in every Australian state and territory and have been seen by millions on Live National Television.

The real stars of Circus Ringbarkus are the dogs. This lovable collection of motley mutts have been rescued from dog pounds around the country and have taken to their role in the spotlight with enthusiasm.

In 2002 the troupe independently released their debut video Live & Barking to widespread critical acclaim. Copies quickly sold out and now has become a collectors item. Planning is under way for a new DVD however it is the live performance that is their passion.

The road has become their home, as they do what they love most, travelling all over Australia and entertaining families.

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