Cats ahoy!

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With an increase in marina living around Australia, Ronnie and Ron are just one couple who have brought the family pet onboard.

Using a custom designed Catmax Clearnet enclosure, ‘Varmet’, a six year-old lilac point Burman cat, now has full run of the family clipper; both inside and out. Moored in Queensland, Varmet resides permanently on the boat and is safely contained both inside the wheelhouse and out on the rear deck even while both owners are away from the boat at work.

According to his owner Ronnie, Varmet loves living on the boat and she said that the enclosure meant they didn’t have to worry about him wandering around the marina or being unsafe.

“The enclosure’s fantastic because we get to live on the boat and to keep Varmet with us — otherwise I’d hate to think of what would happen,” said Ronnie. “We love having Varmet onboard, and you can tell he feels very protected in his space.

“Mind you he comes into the wheelhouse while the motor’s running because he doesn’t like the noise, but when we’ve docked he’s straight back out to his vantage point on the deck to investigate the new scenery. He’s got a charmed life,” she said.

Catmax is Australia’s leading designer and constructor of cat enclosures and specialises in supplying free-standing Caboodles or custom-designed Clearnet enclosures which are ultra-strong yet soft and safe for cats.

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