Pet reptile breeders showcase carpet python twins

THESE rare coastal carpet python twins may not be everyone’s ideal pet, but to their owners Melysa and Michael Judd they are the apple of their eye.

The Lake Macquarie reptile enthusiasts and breeders had 21 eggs from their female in incubation when they noticed two tiny heads hatching from the one egg early yesterday morning.

The hatching of the twins, known only as One and Two at this stage, is a rare event in the reptile world.

“I don’t know exactly how rare it is but twins would come along only once in 10,000 or so,” Mrs Judd said.

Originally bred for sale, the twins are so rare, with identical skin markings, Mr and Mrs Judd are finding it hard to let the pair go.

“We weren’t going to keep any but since the twins have come along we are thinking of keeping them,” Mrs Judd said.

They will form part of an impressive, and growing, collection which already includes two coastal carpet pythons, two diamond pythons, one inland carpet python and a green tree frog.

They are less than 25 centimetres long now, but they may grow as long as 3.5 metres and live for 20 years

They will be on display at the Annual Frog and Reptile Expo at Newcastle Jockey Club on March 14.

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