Patch the guinea pig receives wheel chair

Story and picture courtesy of

PATCH the guinea pig has got a new lease of life – after an engineer built it an ingenious wheelchair.

Family friend Paul Scott stepped in to help after the beloved pet lost the use of its back legs during an unfortunate accident.

Patch’s owner Helena Auty, 6, and her little brother Rowan, 3, were desperate to get their one-year-old guinea pig moving again.

Paul used a few items he had lying around the house and a lot of creativity to design a special wheelchair for the tiny pet.

Mum Becky Auty, said her children were absolutely delighted to have Patch back to her old self.

Mr Scott said he built the wheelchair with a pair of wheels from a child’s wagon, an adult-size skateboard knee pad and some elasticated Velcro.

The Saffron Walden-based craftsman added: “Helena and Rowan were really upset when Patch wasn’t able to use her back legs any more but now she’s back to her old self.

“She’s eating, socialising and getting about her run just as she used to. It’s great to see.

“I’ve worked on many projects, from furniture making to building custom motorbikes,” he said. “But this has got to be the most unusual request I’ve ever had!”

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