Koi Fish: a pet of peace

Koi Fish are one of the most popular and distinctive kinds of fish, casting a mood of tranquility over any outdoor or indoor setting.  A species of carp and close relative to the common goldfish, people lived along side Koi fish for thousands of years. This article will discuss all the reasons why you should consider amazing Koi Fish as pets.

1.    Koi are especially peaceful. They don’t fight with other fish or amongst themselves and are very relaxing to watch. Many Japanese people equate a long hot bath to being the same as a visit to the Koi pond, and can sit and stare at colourful Koi fish for hours contemplating their problems.

2.    Japanese Koi can grow very quickly. Under perfect conditions they can grow eight inches a year and have been known to grow to two and a half feet long.

3.    They live a long time. When well looked after, Koi Fish can live fifty years, and in many fisheries in Japan, fish have been known to live more than seventy years.

4.    Koi can be tamed easily. They readily come to the edge of the pond to be fed. In Japan many Koi Fish breeders feed their animals with their mouths, proving that there is a great attraction between Koi and their owners.

5.    Koi Fish are very easy to keep indoors in a fish tank or outdoors in ponds with goldfish. They survive happily in aquariums without heaters, thriving in water between 40- 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They can even go without food for a week or two (although not recommended).

6.    Outdoor koi ponds are ornamental and a great addition to the garden landscape.

7.    Quality Japanese carp are very profitable. In the spring individual fish will spawn over 200000 eggs. By starting with quality breeding parents and carefully selecting the best fry (baby fish), you can breed fish easily that are worth a lot of money. Of course you’ll need a lot of space to do this properly. If you are able to breed fish with the correct color patterns and body shapes, it is possible to sell them for many thousands of dollars.

8.    Koi Fish are great to show off to your visitors. They are interesting and fantastic to photograph making them an excellent talking point.

For more information on the Koi fish, please ask your local pet store.

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