Why is my neighbour’s dog barking all the time?

Many of us will have at one point in our lives have encountered a neighbour’s dog that just does not know how to keep quiet. At the early hours of the morning it can be one of the most frustrating things on the planet. However, we must remember to see the situation from the dog’s point of view and always remember, there are things you can do to help.

For many dogs, life follows a pretty boring routine. When they wake up, they are not offered much affection by their owners who hurriedly eat breakfast and then rush off in their cars not to return for almost 10 hours. Then, after a brief pat on the head, they disappear into the house because they are too tired to take the bored pooch for a run around the park. Dogs can become frustrated too.

So finally, after a lack of attention, the dog reverts to the one thing it can do best that is guaranteed to get attention. Bark. Bark so loud and so long the whole family will have to come out and say hello. Every little movement or distraction becomes a thing of huge importance that everyone in the neighbourhood must be alerted to at once.

When you look at things from the perspective of the dog, who has not had the experience of being outside running around all day, you can see why many become so frustrated that they have to stay up all night howling at the moon.

For a real solution to a canine alarm clock that won’t turn off, talk to your neighbours about some sort of activity for the dog, especially involving a training school, where the pooch can receive instruction on proper doggy etiquette. Getting angry with the dog (or your neighbor for that matter!) will not solve anything. Instead, work creatively to solve the cause of the dog’s barking, his boredom and their will be a more peaceful night time harmony for all.

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