How to Teach Your Dog Not to Jump

When two dogs meet, they invariably sniff each other’s faces to say hello. When they see a human they will instinctively try to jump up on us, because we are too tall for them to do the same. They like to do the same thing when greeting us, so it’s perfectly natural for dogs to jump up on us to try to reach our faces and get our attention.

The key to teaching your dog not to jump on you is to help your pooch understand that only dogs who keep their front paws on the floor will receive positive attention from you. When your dog greets you, his goal is to get your attention and to get you to pet him. Knowing this, you can show your dog what he must do to earn your attention and touch. Try to remember two things each time you greet your dog:

  1. Keep your attention and your hands away from your dog unless her front feet are on the floor.
  2. Immediately give your dog attention and petting the instant her front feet land on the floor.

Try to avoid pushing your dog’s head away or talking to him at all. Just stand still and deny the attention your pup is after. If he continues to jump, turn away. When your pooch returns his feet to the floor, immediately, give him the pat and the love he’s been craving. If he jumps up at your touch, just pull your hand away, stand up straight like before, and ignore him until his feet find the floor once again.

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