Goldfish Walker

There’s a big difference between loving your pet and being completely and utterly obsessed to the point of insanity.

[note: no judgement from Editor, who is a proud goldfish owner].

Mick Madden had a problem. His goldfishes, Malcolm and Ethel, live trapped within the confines of a tiny bowl, and just weren’t seeing enough of the world. They needed to take in the sights of Madden’s native Huddersfield, where he works as a metal worker, and get a few moments to bask in the sunlight of a northern English afternoon.

So Madden, 52, built a goldfish walker. ‘I was looking at my goldfish going round in circles in their bowl looking bored silly so I made this to take them out and about and they love it,’ he said.  Mick fits the goldfish bowl on his specially-designed trolley and takes his pets for walkies in the park or for a trip to the pub.

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